Conservation activities have the goal of extending the life of the object by preventing or reducing the rate of 
deterioration.  The conservation process depends on the type of object, its use and its condition.  Conservation can include cleaning, bonding, loss compensation or restoration, documentation or consultation on packing, storage or display. 


We are based in Oxford and are happy to discuss objects by appointment.   

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A quote for restoration work can be given from digital images, but formal estimates can only be confirmed after examining an object in person. Our hourly rate is £50 per treatment hour and £300 per day working onsite. Estimates reflect time necessary to complete the treatment rather than the market value of the object.  When working with objects of sentimental or historic importance, the market value is not always the deciding factor on whether or not it should be treated.  Often better storage or surface cleaning can make a great improvement to heirlooms and extend their lifespan.  

It is the responsibility of the owner to insure their objects while on our premises.   

Condition reports and digital photographs are essential when valuing, insuring or lending objects.  Formal records and  collection assessments are often used to plan storage and maintenance strategies. Consultations can also involve packing objects for storage and transport, as well as mounting complex objects.

Many objects are greatly improved through surface cleaning. Often dust and grime will emphasis small areas where the object is cracked or the surface is abraded. Cleaning can also address old or inappropriate restorations where the original has been 
covered with an unwanted layer of paint.

If your object has been damaged you may want it restored.  Surface and structural losses can be replicated to a high standard, improving aesthetic qualities of an object after damage has occurred.  The materials we use are conservation grade, reversible, and selected to prevent damage to the object.