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We are based in Oxford and are happy to discuss objects by appointment.

Kenneth Watt

Tel: 07500.956.692


Dana Norris PhD ACR


Conservation activities have the goal of extending the life of objects and collections by preventing or reducing the rate of deterioration. The conservation process depends on material, use, and condition of an artwork or collection. We give informal quotes for restoration from digital images, but formal estimates can only be confirmed after examining an object in person.


Our minimum charge is £50, onsite work is rated at £180 per half day and £300 per day. Estimates reflect time necessary to complete the treatment rather than the market value of the object. When working with objects of sentimental or historic importance, the market value is not always the deciding factor on whether or not it should be treated. Often, better storage or surface cleaning can make a great improvement to heirlooms and extend their lifespan. Collection and delivery can be arranged, this is charged at the standard day or half day rates.

Clients are responsible for insuring their objects at all times; please be aware that by contacting us about a potential consignment you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions.

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“Accredited status demonstrates that a practitioner is a fully-qualified and capable professional. The PACR accreditation framework applies a common standard across the profession, regardless of the route you have taken to reach a professional level of capability, your specialism, or the context in which you practice.”

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